What we do

The LOC creates bespoke getaways on the Costa del Sol, in sunny Spain, for discerning women, who appreciate the value of “Me Time”, and who appreciate the little luxuries of life. A genuinely personalised service where you won’t have to worry about a thing from the moment of landing in Malaga to the time you leave to go back home.

We create an oasis of calm for you, whether it is to just get away and have a grown-up girls’ getaway to recharge and reconnect, but need a helping hand to organise it, or to have a full holiday and all activities organised. Here we have completely flexible themes to help you get the most out of you special time away. Whether you are planning ahead or feeling spontaneous, there is no limit on numbers, length of stay, or what we can do for you, get in touch and let’s make it special.

Why LOC?

Today, we women find ourselves in a totally new era, where everything we know and have been taught has changed, whether that is relationships, employment model, or responsibility for building your own business. Never before have there been so many opportunities for anyone to achieve all that they could wish for. Yet,  with all this hype there is, unfortunately, a catch, people are suffering from confusion, an overdose of constant information they have to keep up with and of course, there is that good old friend “fear”; this pressure has also never been so paramount as today. For you super, female entrepreneurs we offer one-of-a-kind experiences with our immersion retreats covering different needs for both your personal and professional life. This is where we bring specific top coaches, worldwide, here to Marbella to inspire, transform and give you the tools you need to reach your next level. We find that all women who have come on our retreats create a special bond, a sisterhood, with each other that continues long after the retreat. That is our objective, to create a sisterhood where we are all supported, helped and can grow surely and strongly to reach all of our dreams and desires.


 Who is behind the LOC?

Well, my name is Ellen Pearce and I have lived in Spain for the last 24 years. I came here a young woman, mother of 4, and started the adventure of a lifetime. Just like many of you, I started life from scratch again – a new language, new culture, and a new country. I won´t pretend it was easy; finding your place both professionally and personally in a new country was hard but worth it. I went from teaching my language to others, to leading a research group at the University of Malaga, to becoming an entrepreneur and started my first business in video production. It was an amazing experience but it was nevertheless challenging. This led me to look for ways to keep myself grounded and centred, to overcome fear, self-doubt and stress. That was when I found my passion, I became a Reiki practitioner and light healer, and realised there is far more out there to gain from and not just from having a job or business or even a family. I wanted to pass this on to others and hence the LOC came about.

Ready to recharge your batteries, reconnect with like-minded women, and revive your mind, body & spirit? You’ve come to the right place.

As the LOC slogan says, it’s all about YOU!

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