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Giggle with your girlfriends

With so many demands on our time, it’s rare for women to dedicate quality time to ourselves, even when we know we should.That is why we created the Girlfriends Getaway.

Deep down, you know you can’t perform any of your responsibilities effectively unless you look after yourself first for a change. If you’re feeling exhausted by the demands of your day-to-day life, and need to make a change then you’ll really benefit from taking a break with the LOC.

Imagine the benefits of relaxing in an exclusive location with guaranteed sunshine and the company of your closest female friends! Now doesn’t that sound good?

Rather than staying in different hotel rooms, you’ll share a villa so you can enjoy the priceless feeling of being in a safe haven, and bond like sisters all under one roof.

The LOC will design a personalized retreat for you, catering for any special requirements your group may have, just check out our themes.

Life coaching

While you’re here, you can opt into the LOC’s own coaching programme, and achieve real change with lifelong benefits:

  • How to have (and hold) a healthy mindset
  • Secrets of handling stress so it never bothers you again
  • Tools, tips and techniques to help you manage life’s challenges, without losing yourself in the process

Because you are important to us, we want to give you a gift; we will send you ongoing follow-up resources, so the benefits of your retreat will resonate throughout your life back at home.

Want a holiday with impact that will last long after it’s over?

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